Interview With Gigolo Marcus

15.03.2011 | By: A. B.

We rang the number of a young man who sleeps with women for money and goes under the alias of Gigolo Marcus. He agreed to an interview without any shame.



Gigolo Marcus

Gigolo Marcus boasted of being able to satisfy all the women thus far. (PhotoXpress)


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The young man introduced himself as gigolo Marcus, saying that the majority of his clients know him by that name.

Let me start by asking directly: What do you do when your erection fails you?

This happened only once because the client was truly unattractive and I also had a really difficult day.

So, you couldn’t’ perform?

No, that’s not true. I performed oral sex and did my best for the money paid.

And how much money do you get paid for a hot date?

That depend on the client’s desires and for how long she wants to hire me.

So, for instance, what’s your rate for half an hour of classic sex?

At the moment, the rate is around 50 euros, but I’ve been thinking of raising it a little bit because clients are really satisfied with my services.

What do you offer them that they don’t get at home?

You won’ believe it, but women mostly miss tenderness and, of course, devotion in oral sex, which they obviously lack at home.

Are you saying that men don’t like cunilingus too much?

If I take a look at my clients, that’s really the case. Namely, the very reason why the majority of them hire me is oral sex and conversation too.

What about sex in the true meaning of the word?

There’s plenty of that too. As I said, desires are different.

Well, can you hold out as long as they want you to?

If I had problems with premature ejaculation, I wouldn’t go into this sort of business. The first condition is that a man holds out as long as it takes, which means until a woman achieves an orgasm. If I have to, I’m capable of having a marathon sex session.

What about being gifted down there and does it play an important role?

Of course, that’s important. I wouldn’t dare to go into this sort of business if I had a small penis. Women like to look at a good-sized lad, so I’m very glad that Mother Nature gave me a large enough penis.

Are talking about 8+ inches (20+ cm)?

I won’t reveal the exact size, but I can tell you that you haven’t missed much.

Since we’re talking about numbers, can you tell me how many women have you satisfies thus far?

I don’t know the exact number. Sometimes it happens that I have up to three different bookings a day and sometimes there’s no work at all and clients don’t call me for a whole week.

So, what kinds of women need your services?

Completely different. Some women are ladies, while others are average housewives. I do my best for all of them equally. Some of them are older and others are younger. There’s no rule. They’re in relationships, married or single. They’re all kinds and I like that very much.

Why did you decide to have this job at all?

Because I make good money and adore sex. Why wouldn’t I get something in return for it as well.

Do you have a steady partner waiting for you at home?

This is, unfortunately, not possible in my line of business. I have a steady, intimate friend, but we aren’t actually in a relationship because she wouldn’t approve of what I do.

Is there any difference in having sex with her or is it again just automatism?

There’s also no automatism involved when I have sex with my clients. I truly enjoy my work. If didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t be able to achieve an erection. This is a different situation as opposed to prostitutes who can fake their pleasure. I can’t fake it because the real erection has to be visible. But it’s definitely different when I have sex privately. It’s more intimate and more honest.

Did you meet any celebrities?

Not yet. But if I had, I would offer her my services free of charge. Especially if I found her attractive (laughter).

What about unusual desires, what’s your limit?

For the right money, I agree practically to anything. Well, except for the extreme desires, such as animal and minors. I really wouldn’t want to be involved in that. As far as the rest is concerned, I don’t see any problem.

How long have you been doing this kind of work and what’s the competition among male prostitutes?

I’ve been doing this work for the third year in a row and the business is flourishing. Competition is healthy and forces us to make a greater effort to satisfy our clients.

What about gays, do they call you, and would you consider it?

It does happen, but I always turn them down because that’s not my scene. I might consider a threesome, but only on condition that I don’t have sex with the man.

What about the possibility of an infection?

I always have sex with a condom, so I’m not afraid of anything.

All right, but you still perform oral sex without any protection?

The chances of getting such an infection are very small and I wouldn’t even accept women who would seem suspicious. In general, they are nice ladies who just want to give vent to their feelings in such a way, which means that they don’t cheat on their partners every day.

And lastly, how can our reader get in touch with you?

In classifieds, in the advert that stands out the most and sound the naughtiest. I hope they’re courageous enough and, of course, have the strength for me and my lad (laughter).


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