Sexual Orientation Affects One's Ability to Use Maps

22.04.2011 | By: S. J.

Who's better at reading maps? Heterosexuals or homosexuals, men or women?



best orientation

Heterosexual men supposedly have the best orientation. (PhotoXpress)


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Researchers at the University of Warwick claim that the sexual orientation of a person, as well as their gender, affect a person’s navigational skills. They have found out that heterosexual men know how to use maps better than homosexual men, who are still better at orientation than lesbians. Heterosexual women have the worst navigational skills. The study included 198,000 people between the ages 20 and 65.

While men did better at tests which required them to rotate objects in their mind and at matching angles, women scored better in verbal tests and they remembered the positions of the objects better.

Even though men know how to use maps effectively, research also showed that women find car keys faster. Of course, despite the large sample of people, these types of research don’t always have to be taken completely seriously.


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