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We Are All Slightly Bisexual

T. G. ::  6.11.2012 06:11

Is it possible that bisexuality is caused by the distribution of hormones in our bodies?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Freud and his successors claimed that the reason for bisexuality was hormonal, even though they were never able to prove it. Endocrinologists have proven that a too great amount of male hormones can cause feminisation. When could hormones affect our sexual orientation, according to this theory? All we can say is that there’s something feminine in every man and vice versa. The amount is different for everyone. If the characteristics of the...We Are All Slightly Bisexual

Are You Bisexual?

S. K. :: 12.07.2011 06:07
are you bisexual

In order to find out whether you're bisexual, you have to first recognize the fact that some widespread beliefs about bisexuality are completely wrong.

  Join us on Facebook!   An increasingly large number of people are becoming aware of their bisexuality. Nevertheless, the majority of people still seem to be greatly confused about what bisexuality actually means. Let's break some myths regarding this sexual orientation. Bisexuals like men as well as women Wrong. Every person may experience his or her bisexuality in a unique way. If a man has sexual relationships with women and, at the same time, feels...Are You Bisexual?

Sexual Orientation Affects One's Ability to Use Maps

S. J. :: 22.04.2011 09:04
best orientation

Who's better at reading maps? Heterosexuals or homosexuals, men or women?

  Join us on Facebook!   Researchers at the University of Warwick claim that the sexual orientation of a person, as well as their gender, affect a person’s navigational skills. They have found out that heterosexual men know how to use maps better than homosexual men, who are still better at orientation than lesbians. Heterosexual women have the worst navigational skills. The study included 198,000 people between the ages 20 and 65. While men did better at...Sexual Orientation Affects One's Ability to Use Maps

Bisexual is Trendy

A. B. ::  5.03.2010 12:03
bisexual is

Today it's increasingly trendy to be a bisexual. It definitely pays off to be one.

When you want a woman, you get a woman. When you want a man, you get a man. When you want both, you get them both at the same time. If you're a bisexual, your hunting ground is huge and every person becomes your potential mate. While straight men try and figure out which woman to seduce, a bisexual can look the other way. When a gay man tries and figure out which man to seduce, again, a bisexual can look the other way. He or she always has more to choose from. So in a...Bisexual is Trendy

Get to Know Yourself Better with the Kinsey Test

S. K. :: 19.02.2010 10:02
Kinsey test

Do not be so sure you are either totally straight or totally homosexual. Put your sexual tendencies to the Kinsey test.

Technically, we could describe homosexuals (male or female) as people who are turned on only by members of the same sex and heterosexuals as people attracted only to the opposite sex. Findings of the latest research show that very few people of both sexes got 6 out of 6 points (which means complete heterosexuality) on the Kinsey heterosexuality scale. And very few homosexuals got 1 point, which represents complete homosexuality. Zero points mean asexuality. The scale...Get to Know Yourself Better with the Kinsey Test

You will probably have sex with both sexes in the future

Tjaša Babič and Špela Kališnik :: 28.12.2008 06:12
You will probably have sex with both sexes in the future

Do bisexuals really feel attraction to both sexes or are they sexuals who only get in the way of others?

Bisexuality means attraction to people of both sexes. To many people bisexuality is a thorn in their side because they do not like the grey areas, and bisexuality is one big grey area. Bisexuals tend to be here and there, and they are neither theirs nor ours. Therefore, it is very difficult for most people to understand and accept bisexuality, and many of them take it as more of a joke than something serious. However, bisexuality is a completely serious...You will probably have sex with both sexes in the future

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