Erotic Stories - 2


erotic series

23.12.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 7)

When I got home, I lay down in the bedroom and could hardly even think. As if my brain was paralyzed.>>

erotic series

16.12.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 6)

“The rules three and four are: you come when I say, always with your eyes open.”>>

erotic series

9.12.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 5)

He was still sitting on the couch. He took my hands and pulled me all the way towards him.>>

erotic series

2.12.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 4)

After that orgasm something changed inside me. An obsession was developing inside me and I tried to suppress it. >>

erotic series

25.11.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 3)

I took out the Teacher's card. I flinched. There were a million questions running through my mind. >>

erotic series

18.11.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 2)

Then we were only looking at each other. If he attacks me now, is this rape? >>

erotic series

11.11.2012 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 1)

The pub is crammed and dimmed. A stranger is giving me daring suggestive looks. Oh, what is happening to me?>>

erotic story

4.11.2012 Miriam Has a Foursome (Part 20)

Miriam’s erotic adventures are four times as wild this time!>>

erotic story

28.10.2012 Miriam and the Glass Dildo (Part 19)

Three candidates step up. Which one will make Miriam cum?>>

erotic story

21.10.2012 Miriam remains unsatisfied (part 18)

On a hot summers’ day our trio meets again, but no one wants to satisfy poor Miriam. She needs something bigger. >>

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