Erotic Stories - 3


erotic story

14.10.2012 Miriam Lusts for Hot and Sweaty Ariana (Part 17)

Miriam loves Pilates. But that’s not the only physical activity she enjoys.>>

erotic story

7.10.2012 Miriam Experiences a Tit Rub Orgasm (Part 16)

Miriam and Buford get all steamy from reading and Buford fulfils one of his fantasies. Or was it a pair?>>

erotic story

30.09.2012 Miriam – the sex instructor! (part 15)

Brian is angry with Miriam and the whole world. Miriam knows how to ease the tension with drastic measures.>>

erotic story

23.09.2012 Another threesome for Miriam (part 14)

Brian, the handsome pupil, comes to Bob’s assistance when it comes to gratifying Miriam.>>

erotic story

16.09.2012 Unexpected double penetration (part 13)

Miriam is interrupted by the doorbell when watching the homemade porn. Who could it be and what could they want?>>

erotic story

9.09.2012 Join us in bed again! (Part 12)

The sad Miriam is surprised by a hot DVD she finds in her work files. Who could it belong to?>>

erotic story

2.09.2012 Miriam makes her pupil’s fantasies come true (Part 11)

Miriam has fun with her pupil to their mutual satisfaction.>>

erotic story

26.08.2012 Miriam finds out her pupil is fantasising about her (Part 10)

Miriam is getting too nosy. This time she reads the diary of her pupil and sees that she can also be the object of someone’s fantasies.>>

erotic story

19.08.2012 Insatiable threesome (Part 9)

What did Miriam experience after ringing the doorbell of the two beautiful lovers she watched having sex?>>

erotic story

12.08.2012 Miriam tries her hand at voyeurism (part 8)

About how the curious Miriam watches the masterpieces in bed of a strict and serious sculptor...>>

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