Erotic Stories - 4


erotic story

5.08.2012 Innocent Celine (Part 7)

Ariana entrusts the care of her barely legal cousin Celine to Miriam. The girls get very intimate.>>

erotic story

29.07.2012 An orgasm with Japanese beads (Part 6)

Miriam hears from Bob again. He prepares a real surprise for her without even taking his clothes off, except his tie...>>

erotic story

22.07.2012 The scent of intercourse (Part 5)

This time Miriam can’t resist the charms of her exotic neighbour.>>

erotic story

15.07.2012 Morning lust (Part 4)

Bob takes Miriam in private in the kitchen this time. Yes, the perfect start of the day.>>

erotic story

8.07.2012 He had them both at the same time (Part 3)

Bob experiences what many men want. They both have him at the same time.>>

erotic story

1.07.2012 Wild road to an orgasm (Part 2)

Miriam, Ariana and Bob are in Bob’s apartment – naturally not for coffee.>>

erotic story

24.06.2012 In sweet expectation (Part 1)

In the first part, Miriam starts to get herself involved in a dangerous triangle with her female friend and male acquaintance.>>

erotic story

17.06.2012 First-class encounter (Part10)

In the last part of Baron’s erotic adventures, Lucas has a first-class surprise.>>

erotic story

10.06.2012 Insatiable cock (Part 9)

Lucas hadn’t even cooled off when he was ready for another round...>>

erotic story

3.06.2012 Fuck of the century (Part 8)

Lucas finally gets what he needs.>>

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