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27.05.2012 She went to work on his hard bulge (Part 7)

Martha – a mature woman who knows exactly how to do things – opens the door to Lucas...>>

erotic story

13.05.2012 She was purring like a kitten during the multiple orgasms (part 6)

Lucas skilfully takes Sandra to multiple orgasms. And how does she repay him?>>

erotic story

6.05.2012 The giant clitoris of a call girl (Part 5)

Lucas is left high and dry by Alice and so he decides to pay for sex because of the tough situation. And what sex!>>

erotic story

29.04.2012 She was sucking like crazy (Part 4)

While Alice’s father was already in the apartment, Lucas’s cock was trapped in Alice’s mouth.>>

erotic story

22.04.2012 Juanita’s sexual magic (Part 3)

You won’t believe what a cactus can be used for ...>>

erotic story

15.04.2012 She spread her thighs widely (Part 2)

Alice was expecting Lucas in provocative underwear and offered herself to him. Naturally, Lucas didn’t hesitate...>>

scent of her pussy

8.04.2012 The scent of her pussy (part 1)

Baron went to see Alice, with whom he has a special sexual relationship. What was in store for him?>>

27.04.2010 Anika's Erotic Stories: All That She Can Do...

Part 2: Handsome Hector can't satisfy his girlfriend. Is it him or the girl? Anika to the rescue! A very sexy rescue, of course...>>

27.12.2009 Annika's Audacity Pays Off (Part 1)

Anika, a student to be, decides not to wear a bra at the job interview to become a tour guide. Her audacity gets her a job as well as some spectacular sex!>>

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Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
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