Erotic Series by Mary (Part 10)

13.01.2013 | By: Mary

The engine sounded different when he turned it on again. It was much quieter, like a tamed beast.



erotic series



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The engine sounded different when he turned it on again. It was much quieter, like a tamed beast. As if it knew we had made love. The Teacher’s elegant hand adorned with a golden bracelet rested on the gear stick when we got on the highway again.

It is perverse. We are driving towards the first bloody rays of the sunset. I look past the teacher at the scenery. A stone field with hardly any grass and immobile, nervous juniper trees. Raw, but domesticated. It reminds me of him. I am quiet. The tingling in my breasts is pleasant and dangerous. “Baby, you’re my delight…,” a gentle, black voice from the CD player.

“Do you realize what your decision means, Sandra?” his voice was serious. I have known what it means for a long time and I was alright with it. I will take as much as I can from my decision. I am free.

“I know. This is no longer learning, but cheating.”

“That is true. I am glad you can see the essence so well. Sex is  serious work and it comes in many forms. One of them is cheating. It is full of responsibility and I personally do not like it. But I can support you and embrace you in my safe arms, if you wish.”


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“For a start, can I start calling you by your first name?”


“I will call you Ernest, then.”

Your arms will not be safe. You are now my lover. I do not know if I will be able to hide this. My husband will find out sooner or later. But I will deal with this later. Now, I will use you for what you have awoken in me. You are responsible as well. I thought I was totally normal, even boring. Now I see that that is not the case. You opened me up and I want to take, I want to drink everything my heart desires. I do not want to feel any restraints any more. I have travelled to the depths of my soul and strayed too far to the south and too far to the north. You started cutting away the trees when we first met. I will toss all those branches covering my view over my shoulder. The road is open and I feel fantastic. When we arrived at the seaside resort, the first place he took me was to dinner.

“This place has wonderful food and I am meeting some friends here. They are all sports fishermen like myself and they go after the big fish. I do not know if you know, but this is the centre for tuna fishing.”

Delicious, tuna! I love tuna. And so his friends came: my age, older and younger, two foreigners... Their statements aimed at me were full of compliments, but I was not focused. I could not imagine that I would give my body to one of them. Kind eyes and a beautiful mouth, but the words were so boring. I rather focused on enjoying the pink meat of the tuna. The taste was so sinfully sensual. It took over my entire body and took my breath away. I do not know what would have happened if it had continued, the feelings were close to an orgasm. My lover only observed and smiled at me the whole time. He was happy with my sense of eating quality food. Here and there, he would feed me some really exquisite piece and at those moments I did not hold back in showing my pleasure. He was enjoying it as well. It almost reminded me of intercourse.


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