Erotic Series by Mary (Part 11)

20.01.2013 | By: Mary

The guys suggested visiting a club in a nearby town. They said the atmosphere there was very erotic.



erotic series



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After dinner, the guys suggested visiting a club in a nearby town. They said
the atmosphere there was very erotic because the girls were relaxed and lively. Very simple then, everything depends on the women.

“We will go, just let me give my friend a present before. She ate everything like a good girl.”

My lover then put a pair of golden women’s sandals with wonderful high heels on the table. They were wonderful.

“Put them on.”

I was thrilled to put them on. When I buckled the elegant buckles around my ankles, I felt they fit like a glove. Of course, my lover did not even make a mistake in the shoe size.

The club was hot and intimate. Girls in tops or bras and all wearing amazingly high heels. Pleasant laughing and flirting, some women danced alone, some in pairs. They looked really good and mischievous. But I was not far behind. The male company I was with was proud of me. They got in the mood and were even protective of me. I did not like that and I started losing interest in them. I gazed across the dance floor on the other side and caught the attention of a girl with long chestnut hair. She smiled at me.


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There was definitely something going on here! Something I was not used to. But I was getting used to it very fast. I think all the erotic energy of the room was starting to flow into me. The feeling overwhelmed me and I smiled back. I had never before flirted with a girl. It was so sweet and excitingly easy.

The guys were in the mood and they tried to involve me in their conversation. And they were really trying with insightful and awkward questions on the subject of female sex appeal. I only answered roughly. Somebody was expressing his opinion on fake breasts. He said he was not bothered by it, that to him everything was good, as long as it was big. Idiot! He better not ask me anything! And of course the idiot asked me if I liked them big as well. I was the only woman in the group and I had small tits!

„ I cannot say off the top of my head.“ The brave guys started laughing, but I was not bothered any more. Every now and then, me and Ernest looked at each other. His looks needed no explanation. I think he knew before I did what was really happening to me. He penetrated into me, freely, somewhere into my intimate and hidden landscape, so that I became embarrassed and looked back on the dance floor.

And there was that beautiful girl with the brown hair!  I looked at her with pleasure now. It seemed like she was dancing for me. I think the guys made some comments about her cute butt. God, I wish they would go away!

The music became more relaxed and very sexy. A classic – Je t’aime. She was rocking gently and dancing with here eyes closed,  she was ever closer to our table. Only when she was right by our table did she open her almond eyes wide. She looked at us slowly, then gazed into my eyes, smiled at me and hugged me around the neck. I was numb. She sweetly mounted my legs and sat on my lap. She continued her rocking dance like this for some time and gazed deeply into my eyes. Then she very slowly snuggled up next to me and put my face to her breasts. When she backed off a bit, she took her black fluffy bra off with the climax of the music and gently tossed it aside.


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