Erotic Series by Mary (Part 12)

27.01.2013 | By: Mary

Naked women’s breasts in front of me! What is happening to me? Her piercing shone in the dark.



erotic series



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Naked women’s breasts in front of me! Wow, what is happening to me? Her piercing shone in the dark. She had two round silver earrings in her nipples. I was getting hot. I did not know what to do. I looked on the dance floor. The erotic mood intoxicated me too much. The intoxication on the dance floor was also gaining in intensity. I saw a guy who took his shirt off when embracing the girl he was dancing with. The brunette took hold of my chin and made me face her.

The tension in me was rising. I did not understand these feelings yet, but they were powerful. In reality, the action in the club was not turning me on that much,  but she was. I had never touched a woman before. At first, I felt a shy and uncertain pleasure. Am I a lesbian? No way. But this woman! Did she choose me? I was feeling pleasantly scared and I wanted it to continue. Then she started to gently slide on my face with her breasts. Up and down, up and down...past my cheeks, eyes, with the rings perversely bumping into my mouth. It was so soft, hot and divinely fragrant.

I forgot about everything and lost myself inside her. Then, with some elegant moves, she grabbed the straps of my top and let them down. She kissed my shoulder and started to rock gently on my thighs. I was getting even dizzier. I lowered my sight and ended up looking at her naked brown thighs. I wanted her but was still afraid to touch her. I did not know if I could.  Then she put my hands on her thighs herself. Now I knew. The feeling of courage turned me on even more. Slowly, I started to caress her smooth skin ever higher and she started rubbing her crotch against my thighs … She got even  closer to me. In the fold between her breasts, where she smelled wonderfully, she started to sweat slightly. I used my tongue to wipe away the quivering sweat. Then she sighed as well. We were getting in tune. I went ever lower with my hands. I could feel Ernest’s eyes piercing into us from the side and this doubled my pleasure. When my thumbs met in the middle, I gently pushed them inside her. Then, she slowed down a little. I looked at her and said:

„Kiss me!“


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When she bent down to my mouth, a bunch of her hair completely covered our faces. Under that wonderful curtain, I was able to completely relax. I also embraced her and we kissed. And how we kissed. It was all so easy, refreshing, tingling, gripping, fluttering, delicious... Oh God, how beautiful... and all mine! I put my thighs together, I was beginning to drift away…

And the idiot brought me back down to earth again:

„Hey guys, I guess we are out of luck, right?!“

 We looked at him in amazement. But Ernest came up to us and said:

„You girls are cute. Do not blame the guys, they are just a little embarrassed. Why do you not come with me instead…“

I picked up the bra and gave it to her. We got up and I helped her to put it back on. Then we followed him across the dance floor to the bar.

„Again, I am sorry! Do not make those sad faces.“

We looked at each other and she smiled a little sadly at me. Ernest introduced himself and then he introduced me. Slowly and gently I fixed the lock of her hair which came down on her forehead. I kept watching her. I think I wanted her right then. Yes, I would have gone to bed with her. And my lover could feel it.

„We are off now. Would you like to join us in the hotel for another drink?“

When she said yes, I felt pain in  my plexus. I felt clear and completely new pleasure. It was all mine. Her voice was soft and she did not say much. That suited me even more because I admit I was thinking only about sex. We sat in the car together in the back seat. Ernest opened that sinful window on the roof and the night air caressed our excited faces. Then he said something else, but I stopped listening to him soon. Me and Maya were kissing.


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