Erotic Series by Mary (Part 13)

3.02.2013 | By: Mary

It was pleasantly warm in the darkened room. I was a little afraid that I would not be able to continue the game...



erotic series



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It was pleasantly warm in the darkened room. I was a little afraid that I would not be able to continue the game in the intimacy of the room. Gentle music was coming from somewhere. And Maya made sure, in her cute way, that I was relaxed again. She used every opportunity to smile and gently caress me. I felt calmness gradually come into all my extremities. When I was taking my shirt off, I had the feeling that I was performing on my own huge stage, which I was surely and slowly mastering with my performance.

My liberated breasts shook and got gently caught in the warm nest of Maya’s hands. It felt good. Although I was doing these things for the first time, I was sure of myself and in my ability to do these things. Obviously my sexual powers have developed, as the Teacher would say it. He was nowhere to be seen in the room, we were alone, we were embraced and we finally fell into the bed linked.

I was embracing her, but she put my hands behind my head. I let her be in charge and when she took my skirt off I was glad to remember that I was not wearing any panties, After the thing in the car, when my lover took them, I never got them back. She smiled and still would not let me use my hands. Instead she got into me herself. My exposed and hot center was shivering. It wanted to be pleasured. When she used her tongue on me, my breathing became heavy. Her tongue entered me in a focused way, it became rigid and clear. As if a small but strong penis had entered me. She took away all my control and after a few penetrations I had to yield to it. I moaned gently and buried my hands in her hair. I was embarrassed that I had showed her my real self so fast. Am I really that horny?

„I am sorry.“


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„Hush…,” she silenced me by pressing her finger to my lips. I squeezed her naked body to mine and started caressing it. I wanted to return the pleasure. Through the pillows I could feel another piercing, through her clitoris. The cold metal turned me on as well. I entered her. I wanted to taste her meat. She also used her fingers to enter me. But not in the way I was used to. My anal opening was giving itself to her magically, softly and completely. I wanted to do the same.

We played those other notes and when, joined anally, we approached another sensation of pleasure, I smelled the warm scent of jasmine. There was oil coming on our bodies and the caressing of our fingers was joined by a third person, someone more demanding, heavier and bigger. It was the teacher. We sucked our tongues, drank one another and listened to the whispering words of encouragement coming from the man:

„That is right... make love.“

We did not speak. Our bodies and minds did it all. It all happened incredibly easily and in synchronized motions, just like the quiet gentle music in the background. When the Teacher placed us one on top of the other, we kissed with even greater passion. Even greater than before, when we were alone. Our heavy breathing was as one. My heart was pumping like never before. Finally, two people with me, this divine combination of softness and hardness. This harmonious mixing of their two shapes, two different sensualities with a third one – mine.

After a few awkward moments at the start, we completely surrendered to one another. This was followed by allowing, encouraging, giving, taking... A spontaneous choice of leader and the just sharing of everything three ways. The conductor, who leads the well tuned trio with amazing feeling, enters all our four holes, which are open wide for him and linked in the ethereal expectancy of pleasure, which will be complete and multiple. For the finale, the trio finally slid freely across the Milky Way, paved with our juices into a universal sense of pleasure. The “bees”, as he called us, were asked only to share the gathered nectar fairly.

We ended at dawn. I buried my head in the sheets and pillows and took some more pleasure in the best perfume combination. My eyes were gently fogging over. I think I was having a reaction, a triple one.

I remember thinking, before sleeping the sleep of the just, that I would return home tomorrow, alone. It was okay, I was different, fulfilled and happy.


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