Erotic Series by Mary (Part 14)

10.02.2013 | By: Mary

I smiled when I entered the room and told Ernest that I was planning to go back to my hometown.



erotic series



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I got up full of energy. I smiled when I entered the room and told Ernest, who was waiting for me in the dining room, that I was planning to go back to my hometown. He was pleased at my decision, even more, he wanted me to drive back in his car.

“Just leave it in front of my house and throw the keys in the mailbox.”

His trust felt good. I started to like him even more. He had come to know me so well, my body, my needs, my thoughts... He actually helped me focus and start to feel myself again. He really was a good teacher. I hugged him and we kissed. Long and hard. This was the first time I kissed him. I was immersed in his soft lips. His fat tongue took my breath away. It entangled with mine softly and lively and covered me with a great deal of oily but refreshing saliva. I opened myself up to him completely. We made love with our tongues. My crotch gently quivered. He pulled me closer to him and said gently:

“I rarely kiss, but I wanted to kiss you. You earned it. You are so full of energy and so happy. Hold on to that. It is the best thing you can have. You also have a great body, which looks so good in a lover’s embrace. Treat it well as well. And do not forget about your sexual urges. Cherish and develop them. Simply trust yourself. I wish you all the best.”

I started to feel badly. I knew I was going back to a life I wanted to change and I would not need the Teacher to achieve this. At least not yet. But I was grateful for the trust and confidence he instilled in me.


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Maya entered the dining room. We smiled at each other and kissed. I told her I was going back to my hometown and invited her to come along. She said yes instantaneously. She was from the same place as well. Then we both kissed Ernest, each on one cheek and drove off feeling great. I was starting to feel rejuvenated during the drive itself, a new kind of energy was entering into me. I was no longer thinking of the new challenges that await me, but I was looking forward to them. I was determined to change my life because now I had seen it in all its glory. We were in a good mood and a little crazy. I really liked her. She was almost ten years younger than me, but extremely mature and smart. The whole drive, we talked only about sex. But we did not even mention Ernest. I had inadvertently hidden the Teacher deep inside me. As if I wanted him to remain intact, almost virginal, just for me.

And Maya did not mention him as well. She started stroking my thigh and her words became guttural. Soon I was really hot and not just because of her but because of myself. I got off the road onto a field where they had just cut the grass. The hay smelled better than the two of us. We took our shoes off and danced in the hay. We saw a stack of hay. We fell into it and started making out. We rolled around and finally relaxed as if we had been taught by the same teacher. With fingers on our sexual organs we each had an orgasm and I became fond of her. But she was not a friend, more like a lover, even though I was not developing any lesbian feelings. Not at all. She really turned me on, but somehow more like masturbating. A living dildo. I trusted her and loved giving myself to her.

In the period that followed, she was the only person I occasionally went to bed with. This was the most I could muster and it was all I needed.


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