Erotic Series by Mary (Part 15)

17.02.2013 | By: Mary

The divorce from my husband was long and tedious. It took three months. It was too long for me.



erotic series



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The divorce from my husband was long and tedious. It took three months. It was too long for me. After coming back home from that amazing field trip, I wanted to let my old life go immediately. I managed to switch my job and apartment. I did not want to live with my husband any more. And he was the most difficult aspect in all this. He did not want to believe my decision to change my life. He kept claiming I had a lover. He claimed that I was not myself, that I never used to behave like that. He said there was something new in me, something he could not understand and that he wanted to get to the bottom of.

“Look, I have nothing to explain, except what you already know.”

“No. You are lying. You have never been this determined. I wanted to save our marriage, but when you returned from the sea, you were very different. Explain it. Were you with a lover? Something must have happened to you. I have a right to know.”

“I had a lover, a long time ago, when our problems started. I broke it off with him and he is not a factor in my decision. I want a new me.”

“I want you to explain this “new” to me!”


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But I would not budge. I was determined. A woman is always entitled to keep a secret to herself. I just wanted to get away and lead a completely different life. I did not want to discuss the new thing with him – this was all mine.

I did not even admit to myself how much of an influence the Teacher was. He was unforgettable! I wanted only him and was afraid of him at the same time. I knew I would have to make the first move myself. But I hesitated. I was not mature yet. I needed some time just for myself, to let it all pass and to relax. At times when I would go to bed tired, my hands went to my crotch of their own free will. The orgasm was coming slowly and came only when I heard his voice telling me to come. As if he had some inexplicable control over me, spiritual, emotional. I cannot describe it. I was running away from admitting it to myself. I had become quite pleased with myself. Masturbating calmed me down. But only on the surface. The Teacher’s image was ever clearer. To make it easier, I occasionally got together with Maya, but did not want to discuss this with her.

Her hands had a magical relaxing effect as well. They were so gentle, precise and successful. They reminded me of...

Her small finger started to grow gently. The in and out movements did not change, they just became slower and more deliberate. How I started to adore the size and width of her fingers. I started to move my pelvis and receive more fingers inside me.

“Now, there are four. Relax slowly. I will go further.”

I was letting her do this and was hoping for more. I closed my eyes. The pain felt good, a new kind of pleasure. She was immersed in me.

“Open your eyes and come!”

By opening my eyes I also opened up myself. Freely and without any inhibitions. I came wildly. Finally spread and fulfilled. Oh, I did not realize how I needed this. I reached beneath myself to feel her hand. I could only find her wrist, all the other parts were inside me.

“Aaah, your whole hand is inside me …”

“Yes and look at how ready you were. As if you were just waiting for this to happen” She was poking me gently and accurately. And I came screaming once again. She awakened a sleeping passion for size, hardness...and fucking within me.

“I am fucking you with my whole hand…,” some more penetration and a third orgasm, ”this is real fist fucking, you are open and the orgasms are coming one after the other. Now we will slowly stop and you will do the same for me.”


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