Erotic Series by Mary (Part 16)

24.02.2013 | By: Mary

“Maya, are we lesbians?” “No way. We make love in a different way. Very beautiful and uplifting.”



erotic series



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“Maya, are we lesbians?”

“No way. We make love in a different way. Very beautiful and uplifting.”

“Exactly. I could never say I love you. But I enjoy you immensely.”

“So do I. But still, tell me if you masturbate any time when you are alone?”

“Sometimes. The last three months, when I was under stress, I did not do it once. Actually, yesterday was the first time,” oh dear, how I was lying. But it sounded plausible, even right.

She started paying attention.

“Really? What were you imagining?”

I was ashamed to admit that I was thinking of Ernest. The last time, she mentioned she went by his house and saw his car parked in front. The car where we jerked off, as she put it, as a goodbye, before going back home. When she told me this, I felt pain in my chest. I thought that there were still traces of my juice on those seats and the mahogany gear lever. That was really the first time I pined after him. Freely and with relief.


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“The fact that you started to jerk off is good. I do not care what you imagine when you do it, but I am sure it is good and right. It would be good if you were to do it as often as possible. It is best and very healthy to do it every day.”

And indeed I rocked myself to sleep by masturbating every night. It felt good to be alone with the Teacher in my thoughts. I did not close my eyes from the truth any more – he told me so. I needed nothing more.

In about five days, Maya visited me again.

“Have you been masturbating?”

“Yes, every night. Oh, how good it feels! You know, it feel like I could just stay with myself.”

“Silly… Take your clothes off. I need you.”

I grabbed her right hand, brought it to my mouth and started sucking her fingers one after the other.

After about an hour, I lay tired from fist fucking next to Maya. I felt good. I was feeling relaxed all over my body.

“You know that I have not been with a man for more than three months?”

I was stroking my labia and clitoris while looking dreamily through the window.

“Do you think you already need it?”

“I do not know…”

But she knew. She was stroking my hair and smiling at me.

“My dear woman, I brought you a gift to take away your doubts. I knew the last time that you were getting lost in yourself. That is not good. You were made for a much greater love. There is only one substance that will calm you down. And you really miss it. Unfortunately, I do not have it.”

She put her finger in my mouth again and my tongue covered it with great quantities of saliva.

“My present is different, darling. You know I write erotic stories and I wrote one for you. Because I know how sensitive you are, I feel that you will be able to take your own truth from it.”

In the evening, with gentle music and all covered in soft blankets – the last step into my new life, I took Maya’s present in my hands.


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