Erotic Series by Mary (Part 17)

3.03.2013 | By: Mary

I was so relieved. He was really glad to hear from me. I suddenly realized I had made the right decision.



erotic series



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“Hello, Ernest, it's me.”
“Oh, honey, what a pleasant surprise. It has been a long time...”
“Yes. Too long.”I was so relieved. His voice... he was really glad to hear from me. I suddenly realized I had made the right decision. After Mary’s song there were no more doubts. It all went away, all the doubts, all the searching. The answer was clear: I needed a man and the substance... I wanted the Teacher! I do not know why, but I could feel him all over my body. As if his voice had a magic effect on me and awoke that first, familiar, gentle tingling, which has lately patiently been waiting to be set free. How I was devoted to my John! The story unconsciously obsessed me and drugged me in a way. I wanted to start a new chapter, freely and with no obstacles. I wanted to learn something and create something new myself. I wanted to tell him about my last chapters, so he would have something to think, so he would  understand why I was calling him. The divorce, the new job, apartment, seriously focusing on my body – yogalates. An exercise which combines yoga and pilates.

“Oh, your body…”

I knew what this sigh meant and I also knew he would never suggest to see me himself. More confessions... I was breathing ever deeper. The shaking at the start grew into a longing. His gentle and infrequent talking into the receiver made me impatient. I kept telling myself to calm down. He could feel my agony. But he was stalling, it felt as if he was aroused by my impatience. He let me torture myself with ever more concrete sentences, but he still did not react.

I could not stand it any longer: “Teacher, I want to see you.”


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His silence made me stop breathing. It was too long. What if he tells me no?
“When was your last period?”
Oh, the wonderful shock! As if he had undressed me in a second. I did not understand the question, but I felt a sensual tingling at the bottom of my stomach.
“I do not know... oh, I get it next week.”
“Good. You have enough time to see a gynaecologist. Tell him to prescribe some contraception. Take it for two weeks, then call me again.”
It passed in sweet, sometimes even nervous, expectation. Contraception! I knew my body would be flooded, maybe even there where it felt the best. Will he find it appropriate to come inside me now? I could hardly wait…

When he closed the door of his lavish house behind me, we kissed. Gently and with lots of licking. The jacket fell off of me, then the shirt. We undressed all the way to our jeans and then he took me by the hand to the bedroom. Finally both naked in bed. When he entered me with his finger, I felt immense pleasure. My moistness surprised even me. His big organ was really hard and got even grander at the entrance to my pussy. When he put it in between my widely spread thighs, he lay on top of me with all his weight. We banged closely connected and we sucked our faces.

“I am going to come inside you, love!”

Of course, let us go to the right ending. How I will open myself to you now! His deep poking and pressing the clitoris at the same time was perfect. I am going to come… The orgasm tore me in half. I was finally satisfied, I breathed out and screamed.

“I love you,” I breathed and gave him a meaningful look. Tears came rushing out and I did not hold them back. I surrendered my whole being to him.


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