Erotic Series by Mary (Part 18)

10.03.2013 | By: Mary

He was lying behind my back. He was gently kissing my neck. His wide palm was embracing me.



erotic series



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He was lying behind my  back. He was gently kissing my neck. His wide palm was embracing my sexual organ. His middle finger entered me. I was so full that I had no room for him, so a small stream had to trickle out alongside his finger.

“I like you this way", he was slowly poking me in my too full middle, “Now do you understand why I wanted contraception?”

Oh, I understood perfectly. I still wanted to drink and take it in. His finger and palm became even clearer when he put me on my back and opened me. The rhythm began to increase slowly.

“You open up so well! You are spread and are sucking everything in. Both at the same time... even though this is my smallest  finger, you are treating it as your ideal partner... you have mixed your juice with mine... if it continues to be so good, you will get me ready to fuck again.”

My open middle part opened up my mind. I got myself ready for another orgasm, as if it were happening in my head. I squeezed his pinkie finger with the walls of my vagina.

He continued poking me and remained gentle. This infuriated me. I do not remember ever contracting so violently  and more semen flowed from me. I was all wet and slimy from myself and him, but I knew I could be even more so. My orgasms were really perfect and frequent. They happened whenever he wanted me to come, as if he was my teacher. I responded to him, his voice and to the strong feeling that I was holding myself by the hand and that I was on the right path.

“Oh, you are beautiful when you are showing your love and you are nice and wet. My juices, yours and your tears…”

He finally stroked my G spot. I knew it! He handed me a water bottle.

“Drink. You must replace the water you have lost.”

I was really thirsty. He did not stop while I drank. The G spot, right behind the entrance and the quivering started.

“Can you ejaculate?”


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“Yes, Maya taught me", and I could hardly speak.

He began paying attention. He took it out, grabbed my clitoris with his thumb and index finger and started jerking it off as if it was a little penis.

“Maya? Oh, that lovely girl. Can I conclude that she was the only one you   cheated on me with?”

My clitoris was swollen, I could feel it. I spread my thighs even more and grabbed the sheet. My sincere surrender aroused me even more. Now, I could only tell the truth.

“Yes…aah…the only one." I closed my eyes and started breathing deeply. But she was a woman and this is a man. It will be different now, much better, for real. His middle finger entered me. The grip with his palm became tighter. He started poking me quicker and quicker. I lifted myself up on my elbows and moaned incomprehensive words. I felt the first squirts coming. A few drops squirted on the sheet. We were in a hurry – my moans, his demanding palm and strong finger poking my gelatinous G spot. The orgasm brought on contractions. I could not tell any more whether I was having an orgasm or I was ejaculating first, or perhaps both at the same time. It was a feeling like I was open like the universe and that my last inhibitions were slipping away.

“Do you love me?”


“Let us continue. Drench me!”

His speed was at the highest point. I was yelling and I squirted over his palm. The drops were fresh and different.  I was out of breath and put my head on my chest. What divine ecstasy  - as if the whole body had experienced an orgasm.

“What a sweet smell! A real ejaculation! Maya is a great teacher. “

He was gently licking my pussy and was calming me down.

“Has she taught you anything else?”

“Fist fucking.”

And I collapsed on the bed.


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