Erotic Series by Mary (Part 19)

17.03.2013 | By: Mary

He brings me to so many orgasms. At first he does it gently and later he adds slapping...



erotic series



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“That is enough for today, darling, Go to the bathroom, then you can stay in the guest room. It is lavish and yours alone. You will be able to rest well there.”

I was so in love and actually felt insulted by such an invitation. Why was he sending me away? Did I not show him clearly enough that I loved him? I wanted this man with whom I shared such intimate moments to embrace me. But I did not know anything about him. Who is this man?

“Ernest, have you ever been in love?”

I was being formal again. My intimacy made me want to be formal. It kept the sexual tension in me and I was still extremely turned on. I felt I was still not closed, I was rambling…

"I am in love with you," he gently stroked my breasts, "and the past is not important. I am enjoying the present,” he squeezed my nipple between the thumb and index finger, “only you matter to me.”

The pain was ecstasy and it caused an electric surge all over my body. He had me in his grip and was smiling. Any movement, no matter how small, any word would suffice, I would take anything. Even more, I felt that he only needed to look at me, order me to come and I would obey.

“I want to be with you…,” I could hardly breathe, the orgasms were still coming thick and fast. I was open all the way, as if his soul had penetrated me.

“You are with me.”

“Not like that… I want to stay with you the whole night. I want to sleep with you …aaah”


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He squeezed my left nipple and I came.

“Oh, nice. This is the next rule you should learn – combine pleasure and pain. But I see you already know that.”

No, I did not. I shook my head and moaned while gasping for breath.

“No? Was this the first time?”

I was nodding and he was stroking my waist.

“Endorphins… miracle workers! Now that you have added them to the orgasm, you have increased the quality of the orgasm. I knew you were talented. You let me show you the real way of progress. Turn around…”

I had never given myself to him in this position, on all fours. It was crazy and devoted. He grabbed my waist and lifted me higher on my knees.

“You are so beautiful, your wonderful ass is offering itself to me. It is shining.”

He stroked my buttocks and my pussy made another noise.

“Oh, I will have a hard time taming you today. You are still open.”

He entered me gently with his finger and I contracted it immediately.

“Not yet! I have to get you ready first.”

And he started slapping me. First my right buttock. Five measured and strong slaps. Then, a break. Then he continued on the left buttock.

“The endorphins are pouring into you. You are receiving them well. Surrender to them. This is a natural “painkiller”. You will see. You will feel like you are riding a wave.”

I believed him and surrendered. I was really riding a wave and my mind was getting hazy. I did not know where or who I was. I was approaching a wonderful moment in my heart. He gently circled around my anus with his finger and penetrated me. When he put his organ at the entrance, he whispered:

“Just relax and open yourself to me. You will see how nice it will be.”

But it was not necessary. I had surrender a long time ago. The waves were bringing me pleasure. His humping changed. It became rough, stronger and deeper.

“This is how two men do it…”

This cruel sentence brought my sweet suffering to a close. In silence and with just my deep breaths for company, I had an orgasm along his trunk. Deep, deep within me…


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