Erotic Series by Mary (Part 20)

24.03.2013 | By: Mary

I looked under the covers. I was naked, covered with sweetly smelling, soft blankets.



erotic series



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I was awoken by the warm scent of coffee. It crawled into my huge turquoise bed from somewhere. I looked under the covers. I was naked, covered with sweetly smelling, soft blankets.

Everything around me was turquoise, only the walls had some pink, which was covered with Chinese letters. I could not remember getting there. I got up to find out where the scent of coffee was coming from. Behind the door, I had a lovely view of the kitchen. I saw his back. He was standing in the middle of modern stoves and gadgets. He was naked, dressed only in a striped male apron. I walked naked on the warm wooden floor and embraced him from behind.

“Oh, good morning sweetheart. I was just getting breakfast ready.”

I snuggled up to him even more and started kissing his back. It was then when I first noticed it. His pretty thick dark hair had quite a few silver patches in it.

“How old are you, Ernest?”


“I like your hair.”

I stroked his back. I wanted him to answer. I did tell him about my thirties coming to an end next month.


I reached under his apron and started gently playing with his balls and his organ, which was resting on them and was soft.

“First we will have breakfast,“ he turned and gave me a big kiss.

"Then we will make love. We have the whole day."

Delicious eggs, a croissant, fresh orange juice and coffee. I was wrapped in a terry cloth robe and I lay by his feet by an armchair in the middle of the living room.

"Tell me more about Maya,“ he  said as he gently lifted me and carried me towards the bedroom.

"Maya, my darling! It was nice making love to her …"

”Tell me what you liked most about her,“ he whispered gently as he undid my robe. We were surrounded by the sound of my showered body and some exotic scent I found in the bathroom.

“I liked one small thing... you are going to laugh…”


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“No,“ he said while he was licking my clitoris, “tell me girl,” he bit into it with pleasure.

I hissed with pleasure.

“Her piercing.”

We did not talk after that. I spread my legs as far as I could. I could do this really well due to all the exercising. He was pleased. He took a condom from a closet. I hope he is not going to put it on! But he was beginning to wrap his left hand in the condom. He put lubricant on it. It shone magnificently.

“We will take it slowly. My left hand is bigger than Maya’s, but it will feel good with a condom. Be relaxed and breathe deeply and you can close your eyes now, at the beginning.“

Then he started. It was very gentle at first. He was inside me with all his fingers. It was so fine and soft. I did not resist. I opened myself up and was completely soft. He took his hand out once in a while and used the back of his fist to stimulate my clitoris. I could feel the orgasm coming. I wanted more and more. Then he entered me again and went in even deeper. My restless ass was bouncing about and we danced together.

“Calm her down. Breathe... deeply.”

He went in up to his knuckles. I could feel the orgasm was very near. All my walls were quivering and shivering.

“You breathe well with her. You are opened nicely.”

I could not make my whole body stop shivering. I opened my eyes.

“Not yet… relax!”

He slapped my buttock. That helped. We both stopped for a moment. I could feel my decision and so could he:

“Now…it’s up to you.”

His fist softly entered me with all its width. I went to meet it. I opened up myself for her and sucked it in.


He bent down to me and we made out.

“I am going to fuck you. I want just one strong orgasm…”

It took a long time and then I opened my eyes.


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