Erotic Series by Mary (Part 21)

31.03.2013 | By: Mary

He satisfied me in every possible way - vaginally, orally and even anally... I enjoyed it immensely.



erotic series



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The hour was not yet late when he put the last log on the fireplace.

“I am afraid I have to leave you now, honey. I am going to my room to finish reading the script.”

Ernest was a director. His greatest passion was erotic movies of the special kind, as he called them. I did not know what he meant, but when we came to a mountain cabin for our vacation, he gave me a book – Story of ‘O’.

“Read  it, you will understand better then”

When he went up the stairs to the next floor, my heart was saddened but I did not dare to stop him. We had been in that lavish cabin for three days. The days were wonderful. We skied, went to the pool, got massages. We really got along. There was just one thing missing. After the lush dinners, he would always go to the upper floor alone, where he would work and also sleep. He taught me that we were in those mature years when it is right for a person to rest alone. But we had not made love even once. I could not understand it. I was kind to him, willing and in love, but he did not even touch me. When he left, I paced the giant living room sadly. I looked at the moon through the big windows and remembered the book for the first time. I read for more than an hour and was crazy with longing.

I suddenly realized something. I remembered the first day, when we each put the belongings from our suitcases into the closets. The Teacher respectfully stood still for a while and put an  object on the shelf that I did not recognize, nor did I understand it. I was flushed and felt a pleasant tingling all over my body, but I remained silent. I did not dare ask what he was planning to use this for. I felt a desire to let go and be led. This always made me really willing and I enjoyed that the most.


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I took a shower and when I was standing in front of the mirror I caressed  my smooth, powdered pussy. Again, I remembered our conversation before we went on our vacation. I had been living with Ernest for half a month. Every other day, he invited me to his bedroom, where we had wonderful and tough lessons. I was coming along really well in all three forms of lovemaking – vaginal, anal and oral (he called it intercourse with the throat). When I curled up to him that evening, all tired, he spoke:

“I knew you were the one when I invited you the first time in that bar – “Would you come with me…”

“The one?”

“Yes. The one for me. You understood and were devoted. You have really developed and it is time we move our relationship further. That is why we are going on a short ski trip to relax and get spiritually ready. Tomorrow we head for Switzerland."

“Switzerland, skiing... oh, I love you, Teacher.“

I knew what I had to do and I had to be prepared to receive much more, even rejection.

I put on my light pink colored stockings. They ended at the thighs with a dark elastic band and its knot could be hidden under a pretty black flower once I tightened it. I put a silk robe over this. And finally, I took a long red fibreglass whip from the bottom of the closet, which the Teacher put there the first day.

When I was walking the stairs, I breathed deeply to steady my spirit. I hid the whip behind my back,  quickly approached his bed and stood still. I knew I had to wait for any sign that he approved my being there. He kept reading for a while, then he looked up at me kindly.

“Why have you come to visit me, honey?”

Instead of answering, I pulled a whip from behind my back, showed it to him for a moment on my stretched hands, then put it on the stand next to the bed.


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