Erotic Series by Mary (Part 22)

7.04.2013 | By: Mary

I could feel he was tense. If he told me to go then, I would do it immediately. I loved him.



erotic series



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I could feel he was tense. If he told me to go then, I would do it immediately. I would not hesitate or be upset. The book had a miraculous effect on me. I would probably end up masturbating in my room. I loved him.

“Take you robe off.”

This sentence really got to me. I took my clothes off slowly, with a lot of care. Have I finally come to realize that I was just a whore and he was just a dirty old man? Yes, was the sweet reply. I was afraid he would see how my heart was pounding. With his hand, he patted on a place on the bed next to him.

“You are beautiful. Come here and put it in your mouth. I have been expecting you, darling. I knew you would figure it out. Do you love me?

He was caressing my breasts. I was under a spell, I whispered the words with the last atoms of strength I had left:

“Yes, I love you”

“My love for you has no limitations. But I am not sure about yours. How far does it go?”

“Teacher, you do not know... I love you so much it hurts!”

“Pain is good, it is the highest form of love.”

His dickhead was extremely playful. I sucked it with my tongue slowly and deeply and drank the first drops of his sweet ejaculation. With each squeeze of the lips, it got even harder and it gently flinched as if it were trying to escape. It got even more difficult once it reached the throat. He grabbed my head and whispered:

“Easy, darling, you do not want us to finish too soon, right?”

I let it out of my throat.

“Lie on my spot, just like I am doing.”

He took a hard pillow that was about eight inches thick from a wooden box. He shoved it underneath my behind and was pleased when I pushed my thighs further apart when he asked me to. Then he sat down next to my uncovered crotch and placed a whip in his lap. With the back of his hand, he caressed my pussy.


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“How smooth you are. It is lovely. Why did you bring the whip? Do you want that more than anything else?”

He scared me a little with that question, but I knew that I did not have to fear my honesty.

“I want to love it.”

“I do not believe you, you will have to answer this down here.”

He slowly entered me with his pinkie finger. He complimented me on my moistness and reminded me again to answer his question. I squeezed his pinkie, rubbed it a bit, then spit it out and at the same time pulled it into myself. The orgasmic spasms were sucking it without prejudice, just like it was a giant cock. A look of satisfaction shone on his previously serious face.

“Yes, I believe you. I want you to relax and open up as much as you can. The strikes will keep coming. I will hit you twenty times. The cabin is big and isolated, so you can scream from the pain and pleasure all you want. No one, except me, will hear you and I really love this melody of yours.”

And the strikes were terrible. I felt it right in the middle of my sexual organ and I thought I would get sliced in half. The word “ONE” I uttered sounded like a cry from someone being sacrificed. But together with the unbearable pain, I also felt that damned twisted pleasure brought on by endorphins which had been released into the blood. At the count of ten, it became terribly cruel, perverse and divine. A break and an orgasm on command, without even touching me. At number seventeen, he stopped again, took a rag and wiped me off.

“Done. You are all dry. Now really lift your fold. I saved the last three for the clit.”

I was crying from the pain and when I heard that, I really got scared, but I wanted to get to the end. After the last three worst strikes, my clit swelled up.

When he comforted me with his fat tongue and the healing saliva elixir, I came again. It was intense and painful.

“Would you be my wife? ”


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