Erotic Series by Mary (Part 23)

14.04.2013 | By: Mary

“Man and wife… forever…” This line from a movie kept repeating in my mind. Oh no!



erotic series



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“Man and wife… forever…” This line from a movie kept repeating in my mind. Oh no! Was he losing his marbles or what? I was lying on the back seat, wrapped up in a warm blanket and I smiled. We were driving home.

“Ernest, I can’t marry you.”

“Why not?”

“Well, there are at least two reasons. One – I’ve decided never to get married again and two,” I swallowed, “I realized that I’m just an ordinary whore and you’re a dirty old man and this game is enough for me.” 

“Me too, silly. This is only a gift for the birthday you have coming up on Saturday. You can become my wife for your birthday.”

He opened a drawer and got out a small leather box. I saw a small gold ring inside it.

“This isn’t really a ring. Does it remind you of anything?”

I gently touched it with my fingertip. It was tiny, too tiny even for my little finger. I felt a pain in my stomach!

“Yes, it reminds me of Maya’s piercing, the one she has in her clitoris, except that it’s gold.”

“Exactly. If you let me put this on you, you’ll become my wife. You’ll remain as free and independent as you wish, but I’ll be able to love you even more. This will be a magnificent birthday ceremony, which requires only one eyewitness to be fulfilled.”

Ah, I knew it. He didn’t disappoint me. Why not play our game to the end?


On Saturday, he generously welcomed us in his living room. We kissed and he slowly undressed the two of us. He gently and passionately licked both of us. I was getting more aroused in a fresh and wild way. The orgasm was nearby when they touched me down below. I don’t know who triggered it. It didn’t matter. Then he took us to the dining room.


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The elegant table was covered with a white embroidered cloth. He helped me stretch out on it. He ordered Maja to get on her knees and on top of me. She grabbed my hands, put them behind my head and French-kissed me.

“First, we’ll baptise the tablecloth for the ceremony today. Ejaculate on it.”

I heard the silent buzzing of a vaginal buzzer and then another one. He gently but persistently stimulated my clitoris and my entry with the device. He wouldn’t stop and this made me feel powerless. I started gasping for breath when Maya kissed me. She did as well. The Teacher was obviously inside her with the second buzzer.

“Will you do it together?”

We were so good! We were violently shaking, dripping and oozing. The cloth was totally soaked. But Maya didn’t get off of me. For a moment, I could see the Teacher’s hands in white surgical gloves over her. I composed myself as much as I could. I could feel him pull out my fold and clitoris with some pliers and then... sharp pain.

“Great! It’ll take a fortnight for the ring to settle into your gentle flesh. With luck, it’ll happen until the new year. Maya should come examine you every day and put this liquid on it.”

He saw that I was crying so he retired to his quarters. I was hurt by the passion that got the better of me and by the procedure performed on me. In the days that followed, I accepted the ring not only into my flesh but also in my spirit. I slowly grew with it. I got past my regret and started changing. My spirit became stronger, enlightened and liberated, just as if it was gold. And Maya was there to help me.

That morning, a day before the new year, I was laughing at my naked image in the mirror and playing with it. Then, the bell rang. The guy from the postal service brought a big white box with a golden bow.

I saw beautiful things in it. Who would send me a gift like this? I read the card:

Dear wife,

The coat is fake sable fur, the sandals are made for you, the bell is gold and fits only on your ring. All this is from Jack Frost, who’s expecting you in your evening wear at a fantastic New Year’s party. If you don’t show up, he only wishes a Happy New Year!

“Ha, ha!" I waved the card in front of my face and stroked the soft fur. Yes, Jack, I wish a Happy New Year to you too.”

And I’ve known since I was a little girl that Jack Frost doesn’t really exist.


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