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oldest condom

28.10.2011 The World’s Oldest Condom

How old is the world's oldest condom? Well, it was certainly made of a natural material that can be reused!>>

interview with japanese prostitute

21.10.2011 Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

A Japanese prostitute reveals all about her own profession and prostitution in Japan. >>

celebrity body defects 1

21.10.2011 The Most Beautiful Celebrities with Odd Body Defects!

Even celebrities are not perfect! Check out these photos which reveal their bizarre body defects! >>

fascinating facts

14.10.2011 Fascinating facts: The man with the longest and widest penis

...and another 39 fascinating facts about sex from the world of men, women and animals!>>

left breast bigger 1

14.10.2011 Is the Left Breast Bigger?

If each of your breasts has the same size, you're one of the very lucky few.>>

to reach an orgasm

7.10.2011 Do Women Really Need Longer to Reach an Orgasm?

The belief that women need much more time to reach an orgasm than men has been around for ages. But is it true as well?>>

influence of music on sex life

7.10.2011 Does rap and heavy metal music trigger sexual desire in children?

Many concerned parents wonder whether they should let their children go to a party.>>

rules of anal intercourse

30.09.2011 10 Essential Rules of Anal Intercourse

10 rules of anal sex by Jack Morin, an American sex therapist, which every man and women should know.>>

divine sex

30.09.2011 Divine Sex: Make Your Partner Beg for More!

Master these moves and you will give a new meaning to divine sex.>>

first true love

29.09.2011 That Old Sweetheart from the Past

What do you do when an old flame comes knocking on your door? Can the first “true” love shake or even destroy an existing marriage or relationship?>>

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shwetachopra 11. Jul 2021 There is a certain level of comfort gained in by all the customers to be in relation to all the beauties here present...
Be Engaged to Escorts in Andheri Girls at Your Own Ease
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Arousal and bladder fullness
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
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