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breakfast first sex

24.02.2012 People who eat breakfast lose their virginity later

People who don’t eat breakfast supposedly lose their virginity two years sooner. Don’t miss this interesting research!>>

hot photos of girls on facebook 1

17.02.2012 GALLERY: Hot Photos of Girls Posted on Facebook

We made a selection of the hottest photos of girls from Facebook - real girls that like to show off their sexy bodies. >>

fascinating facts about sex

17.02.2012 How many people are having sex at this moment?

And nine other fascinating facts about sex. Don`t miss it!>>

delay ejaculation 1

10.02.2012 An aid to delay male ejaculation

Remote control for men. Hmmm, sounds good, doesn't it?>>

a kiss

3.02.2012 A Kiss Is the Most Intimate Element of Intercourse

A kiss is much more than just the exchange of saliva ...>>

black men longest penis

3.02.2012 Do black men really have the longest penises?

Some people say that black men really have the longest penises. Is this a myth or is it actually true?>>

green tea prolongs sex

27.01.2012 Green Tea Prolongs Sex!

Would you like to know how many cups of green tea a day you should have to make your sex sessions last longer?>>

sperms ejaculation

27.01.2012 How Many Sperms Are There in One Ejaculation?

Besides the number of sperms, you will also find out why the testicles are on the outside of the body.>>

women-friendly pornography 1

20.01.2012 Women-Friendly Pornography

Are you wondering what women-friendly pornography looks like? A type of pornography that appeals to fresh moms, women after 40 and married women?>>

sex with a swing 1

20.01.2012 Have Sex With a Swing

A swing can be turned into an adult sexual accessory, which will bring you unforgettable pleasure.>>

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