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educated women bad sex

30.03.2012 Do Educated Women Get Less Pleasure Out of Intercourse?

It's supposed to be harder for more educated women to experience orgasm, because they tend to never really relax.>>

vagina electricity

23.03.2012 Vagina Produces Electricity during Intercourse!

A recent research showed that vagina produces electric energy during sexual intercourse!>>

sex education museum for women

23.03.2012 Sex Education Museum For Women In China

In China a sex education museum intended specifically for women was opened. The museum teaches women about all aspects of sexuality.>>

bizzare sexual aids 1

16.03.2012 PHOTOS: The Most Bizzare Sexual Aids Ever!

Have a look at these photos of the most bizarre sexual aids in the world and have a good laugh... or buy them! >>

type of woman

16.03.2012 What Type of Woman Is She?

Don’t miss how Michael Powell humorously sorted female characters according to dog breeds. Find out what type of woman is your partner and have a good laugh! >>

naughty sexual expressions

9.03.2012 Naughty Sexual Expressions You Have to Know

Are you sure you know all the naughtiest sexual expressions? Test your knowledge below! >>

nutritional sperm 1

9.03.2012 How Nutritional Is Sperm?

Don’t overlook what the label on a package of sperm would say if you could buy it in stores!>>

camel toe 1

2.03.2012 GALLERY: The Most Obvious Camel Toes

Women in this gallery wear their trousers too high and the outlines of their vaginas are visible through their clothes...>>

men can breastfeed

2.03.2012 Men Can Breastfeed!

Did you know that some men can breastfeed? How come that men are able to produce milk in their breasts in the first place?>>

human body fashion accessory 1

24.02.2012 Human Body as a Fashion Accessory

Would you wear a tiny vagina as a necklace? How about a belly button? Have a look at some pieces of unusual jewelery, inspired by human body!>>

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