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buttplug 1

4.05.2012 Play with a Buttplug!

A buttplug is a toy for all people who love anal intercourse and for those who are just getting to know these kinds of pleasures.>>


4.05.2012 Dogging Is an Old Phenomenon

Have you never heard of "dogging" before? This is much more than doing it outdoors. Find more about what dogging is and its origins in the article!>>

hand lotion ripping condoms

27.04.2012 Hand lotion ripping condoms

Read why hand lotion rips condoms and what it’s wise to use instead.>>

what is kama sutra 1

27.04.2012 The Ways of the Kama Sutra

We've all heard of the Kama Sutra, but people rarely know what’s actually written in it. Don’t miss some interesting information.>>

High Heels Satisfaction

20.04.2012 High Heels for More Satisfaction in Bed

High heels don't only give you a more elevated behind and make you look taller, they also improve your sex life.>>

sexy girls on snow 1

13.04.2012 10 Hottest Girls on Snow

Do you think that girls don't look sexy on snow? Then you must have a look at these photos of some really hot babes! >>

a vibrating ring 1

13.04.2012 A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure

A vibrating ring brings pleasure to both partners and is one of the most popular sex toys.>>

Miranda Kerr 1

6.04.2012 PHOTOS: Hot Miranda Posing in Sexy Pieces of Clothing

Don't miss the photos of Miranda Kerr posing for a catalog of sexy underwear! >>

Shigeo Tokuda

6.04.2012 Shigeo Tokuda, the Japanese Porn Star

Shigeo Tokuda is one of the oldest and biggest porn stars in Japan. Shigeo Tokuda has already made about 350 movies.>>

serious relationship health

30.03.2012 Does a Serious Relationship Benefit Health?

The research shows that a serious relationship benefits health. Read more about the interesting findings! >>

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