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breast reconstruction surgery

7.11.2011 Breast Reconstruction Surgery

What do you need to know before you decide for breast reconstruction surgery? >>

fungal infection

31.10.2011 Vaginal 'Cheese-Like' Discharge – Fungal Infection (Part 2)

A 'cheese-like' discharge is one of the signs that you might have a fungal infection of the vagina.>>

fungal infection

31.10.2011 Vaginal, Creamy White Discharge – Fungal Infection (Part 1)

Almost every woman has to deal with unpleasant vaginal thrush at some point in her life. So, how do you detect it and why does it occur?>>

marathon sex

24.10.2011 Marathon Sex Can Have Unpleasant Consequences!

Find out more about what can happen to you if you indulge in marathon sex which is otherwise a pleasant activity.>>

troubles in sex life

17.10.2011 Troubles in Sex Life Could Indicate Health Problems

Problems in sex life could be an early indicator of a serious disease. These diseases are described in detail below.>>


17.10.2011 Cure for female sexual dysfunction

How to treat a non-existing disease with the most effective cure? Just let your money do the talking... >>

treat impotence

10.10.2011 7 Methods to Treat Impotence

Besides the pill, there are also other ways to treat impotence. Find out which are they in the article!>>

Broccoli and Cauliflower 1

10.10.2011 Broccoli and Cauliflower against Prostate and Breast Cancer

Nature seems to provide effective ways to fight prostate and breast cancer. Broccoli and cauliflower contain chemicals that block cancer cells. >>

levels of testosterone 1

3.10.2011 Low Levels of Testosterone in Increasingly More Men

How do low levels of testosterone affect men's health? Are they consequently worse in bed?>>

acupuncture sex

3.10.2011 Acupuncture and Sex: Is There a Connection?

What is the impact of acupuncture on sex life? How does it help you? What problems does it solve? >>

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