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intercourse during period

16.01.2012 4 Reasons FOR Intercourse During Period

Even though some people feel disgusted by intercourse during period there is no need to have such feelings because it has numerous positive effects.>>

firm breasts

16.01.2012 Firm Breasts Require Good Care

If you want to make your breast even more beautiful and attract more looks, then read the following advice for firm breasts. >>

choose right bra

9.01.2012 Choose the Right Bra!

The wrong choice of bra can be harmful to your health. What are the things we should keep in mind when buying a bra?>>

sex causes headaches

2.01.2012 Sex Causes Headaches. But In Men!

All men know that sex causes headaches in women. But medicine says sex causes headaches also in men.>>

sex after delivery

2.01.2012 Sex after Delivery

New mothers can face great difficulties when it comes to resuming their sex life after their giving birth. How does sex after delivery look like?>>

exercises for sex

26.12.2011 5 Exercises for Sex that Can Substitute the Pills

Venture into the gym instead of the drugstore! We present 5 most effective exercises for sex, to be precise - exercises for a long and satisfying sex life.>>

morning erection

26.12.2011 Interesting Facts about Morning Erection

The morning erection is not caused by urine which gathers during the night. A full bladder is usually the last thing to cause an erection.>>

benefits of breastfeeding

19.12.2011 The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Children who were fed with mother's milk are much smarter than those who weren't breastfed by their mothers. >>

intimate hygiene

19.12.2011 Intimate Hygiene: Women Should Be Very Careful

One cannot be too careful with intimate hygiene. When women wash their private parts too frequently, they can easily bring about a vaginal infection. >>


12.12.2011 Why Are Some Women Never Able to Achieve Orgasm?

Psychogenic anorgasmia is the term used to describe a woman’s inability to achieve any form of orgasm with her partner.>>

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