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treatment for male infertility

12.12.2011 How Do You Deal with Male Infertility?

The article describes how medicine helps men with low fertility and what chances of success there are.>>

frequent sex

5.12.2011 10 Perfect Reasons for Having Frequent Sex

Active sex life is one of the major factors for maintaining a healthy body, soul and relationship. Read about 10 perfect health excuses why it is so good to have sex often.>>

problems foreskin

5.12.2011 How to Avoid Various Problems with Foreskin?

The skin on the top of a man’s sexual organ can cause a lot of trouble, especially in case of poor hygiene. Read about the problems with foreskin.>>

urinary stones pain

28.11.2011 Severest body pain

Many people claim that the severest pain is caused by urinary stones. Find out more about it below.>>

rare sexual intercourse

28.11.2011 Rare Sexual Intercourse - Is It Normal?

Many people wonder whether they have intercourse too seldom or too often. Here is the answer. >>

bleed from rectum

21.11.2011 What To Do if You Bleed from the Rectum?

If you bleed from the rectum, this is always a sign that something's wrong, even if the bleeding is mild and looks innocent.>>

spontaneous abortion

21.11.2011 How to Prevent a Spontaneous Abortion By Yourself?

Despite the fact that the reasons for a spontaneous abortion are often unknown, a pregnant woman should act in certain ways to prevent it. >>

use lubricants

14.11.2011 Why Do We Use Lubricants?

Do you use lubricants just because you do not want to waste time with foreplay? >>

testosterone attraction

14.11.2011 The Magical Influence of Testosterone

Meet the biggest culprit for animal attraction, good looks, sexual potency and libido. Women can find you irresistible due to the influence of testosterone.>>


7.11.2011 Should all men be circumcised?

The circumcision of foreskin on the penis supposedly reduces the chances of becoming infected with three dangerous sexually transmitted diseases.>>

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