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health of sexual organs

26.03.2012 Don’t neglect your “assets”!

Taking care of a healthy body also includes the private parts. Make sure your sexual organs are healthy!>>

endometriosis effects 1

26.03.2012 Effects of Endometriosis on Fertility

This is a rather unknown disease, but it’s recommended that you read more about. It’s a dangerous, but curable disease.>>

method of birth control

19.03.2012 The Best Method of Birth Control

There are several methods available. But do you know how to choose the best method of birth control?>>

testicular diseases

19.03.2012 What Kind of Diseases Can Happen to Your Testicles?

The testicles are a very sensitive part of the male body. Read about different types of testicular diseases.>>

infected with HIV

12.03.2012 In what way does a man infected with the HIV virus become ruined?

Read in what phases the HIV virus destroys people – all the way until death.>>

Kegel exercises 1

12.03.2012 Kegel Exercises for Greater Pleasure

Kegel exercises are a very effective way of increasing the intensity of sensations during sexual intercourse.>>

testosterone sexual desire

5.03.2012 Testosterone for Female Sexual Desire

We can use the male hormone testosterone to help women who suffer from loss of sexual desire.>>

hemorrhoids anal intercourse

5.03.2012 ATTENTION: Anal Intercourse Causes Hemorrhoids!

Why does anal intercourse cause hemorrhoids? Don't miss the article!>>

improve quality of sperm

27.02.2012 Ejaculating Every Day Improves the Quality of Sperm

Men who are less fertile can improve their quality of sperm by masturbation or having sex every day. >>

home remedies sexual problems

27.02.2012 Home Remedies for Sexual Problems

Which home remedies can be used for sexual problems such as vaginal infections, better fertility and healthier sexual life in general? >>

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