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causes dyspareunia

20.02.2012 What Causes Dyspareunia (Painful Sexual Intercourse)?

Although women are more likely to have painful sexual intercourse, men can also feel pain during intercourse. What causes dyspareunia in both sexes?>>

is oral sex safe

20.02.2012 How Safe Is Oral Sex?

Believe it or not, sexually transmitted infections spread through oral sex as well. Take a look at a list of possible infections.>>

cyber sex depression 1

13.02.2012 Obsession with Cyber Sex Might Be Linked to Depression

Australian experts found that cyber sex is one of the factors that can even cause depression. Are they right?>>

interview sterilization

13.02.2012 How Does It Feel to Live with Sterilization?

We've talked with a 26 year-old who was sterilized at the age of 18 and will never be able to have children as a result.>>


6.02.2012 Find Out Whether Or Not You’re Narcissistic

How do you recognize a narcissistic nature and what are narcissists like in bed?>>

breastfeeding natural birth control method

6.02.2012 Don't Use Breastfeeding as a Natural Birth Control Method

Breastfeeding isn’t a natural family planning method. You aren’t infertile while breastfeeding, just less fertile!>>

red wine erection

30.01.2012 Wine keeps a man's penis hard for a longer time

In Italy, researchers have proved that drinking moderate amounts of red wine improves sex life.>>


30.01.2012 Men Can Develop “Female” Breasts

Gynaecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. >>

watermelon erection

23.01.2012 Watermelons Have a Viagra-Like Effect

Watermelons are more useful than they might seem at first glance. You can even use them to stimulate your erection.>>

large breasts

23.01.2012 Large Breasts Can Cause Many Problems!

Many women want to have large breasts, but they aren’t aware that large breasts also have their weaknesses. >>

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