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30.04.2012 Endorphins - Body's Happy-Makers

Read about the body's happy-makers, the endorphins, that make sex such a thrill.>>

early signs of pregnancy

30.04.2012 Early Signs of Pregnancy in Focus

There are a number of symptoms that indicate early pregnancy. Your body tells you that sooner than any test, so learn to listen to it.>>

diet sex

23.04.2012 The Quality of Your Sex Life Heavily Depends on Your Diet!

It's not only that you are what you eat, but you also have sex the way you eat. How can be your diet reflected in your sex life?>>

lack of sexual lust

23.04.2012 The lack of sexual lust in women

Do not despair, but make sure you find the true cause at work. Due to lack of sexual lust a relationship suffers too. >>

Effect of Caffeine on Testosterone

16.04.2012 The Effect of Caffeine on Testosterone Levels in Men

Adult men might have lower levels of testosterone if their mothers drank a lot of coffee during pregnancy. Is the effect of caffeine on the foetus harmful?>>

nipple augmentation

16.04.2012 New Trend on the Rise: Nipple Augmentation

Cosmetic surgeons have noticed a rise in cosmetic surgery of the nipples or nipple augmentation - women want to change the shape, the size or even the color of their nipples. >>

blood test baby's gender

9.04.2012 A Blood Test Predicting the Baby's Gender Invented

There's a blood test that predicts the baby's gender in the first months of pregnancy! >>

depressive women more sex

9.04.2012 Do Depressive Women Have More Action in Bed?

It may sound paradoxical that depressive women have a more active sexual life, but it is supposed to be true. >>

to increase libido

2.04.2012 Simple Tips on How to Increase a Woman’s Libido

What can you do to increase your libido, so you’ll be able to feel the heat of the night as you used to?>>


2.04.2012 Did you know you can fall ill because of kissing?

No matter how unusual it sounds, but the kissing disease, or the so-called mononucleosis, can have dangerous consequences.>>

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