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choosing a partner

27.07.2012 Choosing a Partner: What Do We Fall For - Looks, Personality or Money?

In this article you can read about what women and men look for in a sweetheart. There are several factors at play in choosing a partner!>>

short sex

20.07.2012 Short Sex Is the Sweetest

Read how many minutes an ideal intercourse lasts according to scientists. You may be surprised! >>

middle finger

20.07.2012 Do you like showing the middle finger?

Showing one’s middle finger used to have a completely different meaning than today ... >>

sexual deviations 1

13.07.2012 Do You Know Enough about Sexual Deviations?

Learn about transsexuality, transvestitism and other sexual deviations.>>

showing camel toe

13.07.2012 Does your camel toe pop out of your panties?

If you want to avoid embarrassment because of showing your camel toe, use the newest product on the market.>>

artificial vagina 1

6.07.2012 The Best Artificial Vagina in the World!

We have waited and lived to see – an artificial vagina that offers you the first virtual sexual encounter with a woman of your choice.>>

sexual life of animals

6.07.2012 Let's Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Scientists have come to five amazing conclusions when studying the sexual life of the animals. Is there something we can learn from the animals?>>

penis personality

29.06.2012 The Penis Has a Personality

The penis often acts according to its own will. It works well, fails or grows of its own accord. One could say that it has a personality.>>

preserving virginity

29.06.2012 Saddlebacking for Preserving Virginity

Penetration and preserving virginity not impossible anymore say American religious youths.>>

men prefer blondes

22.06.2012 Most Men Prefer Blondes

Check if men really find blondes the most attractive.>>

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Arousal and bladder fullness
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
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