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what is love

6.09.2012 What is love?

How do psychologists explain love? What do psychiatrists think? Read the various theories...>>

myths about sex

31.08.2012 10 Biggest Myths About Sex

You may find the things that people believe in are funny. You might even believe one of these myths about sex?!>>

skinny women sexy 1

31.08.2012 Are Skinny Women Really the Sexiest?

60 thousand men assessed the attractiveness of women who wear numbers 36, 40 in 42. Read what they chose!>>

what is erotic

24.08.2012 What Is Erotic?

A sausage served with an egg on each side can certainly be erotic! What is erotic then?>>

sex with boss

17.08.2012 Would you also rather get a promotion with sex?

A fifth of British workers would rather have sex with their boss for a promotion than earn it with hard work.>>

against internet censorship

17.08.2012 Stop Internet Censorship!

Internet censorship that prevents people from free access to information is to blame for a lot of bad things in the world. Let's stop it! >>

italian lovers

10.08.2012 Italians are no longer stallions

Italians are no longer the lovers they used to be. >>

penis obsession

10.08.2012 Are men really obsessed with the phallus?

The status of the penis is somewhat similar as that Barry White song: “You're my first, my last, my everything.”>>

women squirt 1

3.08.2012 How Did They Find Out That Women Squirt as Well When They Come?

How did they find out that female ejaculation isn’t urine leaking out?>>

sexy brunette

27.07.2012 TOP 10: Sexy Brunettes

Brighten up your day with photos of the most sexy brunettes in the world! >>

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shwetachopra 11. Jul 2021 There is a certain level of comfort gained in by all the customers to be in relation to all the beauties here present...
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Arousal and bladder fullness
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
How often do you masturbate? what are your fantasies? :)

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