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vibrator cone 1

22.06.2012 The Cone, A Perfect Vibrator

Have you already heard of a sex toy called the Cone, a vibrator that satisfies women in every way?>>

partner's wallet

15.06.2012 Does the Female Orgasm Depend on the Partner’s Wallet?

We would like to say no, but American scientists claim that the partner's wallet is indeed important.>>

sexual curiosities

8.06.2012 10 Sexual Curiosities

Do you know which disease they used to treat with a vibrator? And do you know in which country a wife can kill a husband with her bare hands if he cheats on her?>>

little hairy men 1

8.06.2012 A Little Hairy Men Are the Sexiest!

When women were asked what kind of a beard they find most attractive on men, the results were pretty interesting. Read on!>>

blunders during sex

1.06.2012 Top 6 Blunders during Sex

It’s said that anything can happen to you, so even the best lovers sometimes commit a funny blunder. >>

oldest porn film

1.06.2012 First Porn Film

Do you know which porn film is the oldest one and when it was made?>>

funny sex stories

25.05.2012 Funny Sex Stories: They Got Stuck!

You can read this and other funny sex stories that nurses had to witness.>>

g-pod 1

25.05.2012 Have You Heard of the G-Pod?

The "high-tech" Japanese have mixed an iPod and a vibrator and named it a g-Pod.>>

weird vagina

11.05.2012 World's Most Weird Vaginas

In the whole world there aren't two vaginas that would be completely the same. Some of them are especially far from being usual.>>

estradiol effects

11.05.2012 Effects of estradiol on women

The research on estradiol shows very interesting effects it has on the women body and mind. Read more about it. >>

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