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sexual intercourse with 16

4.06.2012 Teenage Sexual Intercourse Before the Age of 16 Isn't Worth It

Teenage sexual intercourse doesn't seem such a good idea. Read about a shocking discovery of the harmful consequences of premature sex life …>>

causes miscarriage

4.06.2012 What Are the Most Common Causes of Miscarriage

Quite a number of pregnancies end with a miscarriage. So, what are the causes of miscarriage?>>

arthritis sex positions

28.05.2012 What Does Arthritis Mean for Your Sex Life?

We suggest the most appropriate sex positions for people with physical disability, arthritis, back pain and similar problems.>>

side effects of contraceptive pills 1

28.05.2012 Advantages and Negative Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills

Many women will be surprised to learn that the negative side effects or risks of contraceptive pills are actually fewer than their advantages.>>


22.05.2012 When Can We Say That a Woman Is Frigid?

Frigidity is defined in different ways. What are the causes? You can find out more in the article.>>

Orgasm during childbirth

17.05.2012 Some Women Can Experience Orgasm during Childbirth

Some women can achieve orgasms during childbirth. Or may it be that all women are able of having such an experience?>>

sex on drugs

14.05.2012 What's Sex Like on Drugs?

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and roll are supposed to be the perfect combination for pleasure. But what is sex on drugs really like?>>

use lubricant

14.05.2012 Is It Healthy to Use a Lubricant?

The use of a lubricant can also have an adverse effect on your body and make your problems even worse …>>

sexual headache

7.05.2012 Sexual Headaches - Headaches Caused by Intercourse

Yes that’s right. In some cases, sexual intercourse and orgasm can cause a bad headache or a sexual headache, as some like to call it. >>

experts libido

7.05.2012 Experts Can Help You Awaken Your Libido

Lack of libido deserves as much attention as any other problems. Which experts can help you with the problem?>>

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