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teenagers watch pornography

5.10.2012 Teenagers watch 87 hours worth of pornography a year

Read about how much time teenagers spend on the Internet and what they’re looking for. Pornography is among the main hits.>>

pheromones and sweat

5.10.2012 A Woman Can Smell When a Man Is Aroused

A new survey showed that women are more turned on by male sweat if the man is turned on.>>

Anti-Porn Men Project

28.09.2012 FRESH: Men Against Violent Porn!

A group of men in the USA is fighting against violent porn which is cruel, offensive and degrading to women. >>

rabbit vibrator 1

28.09.2012 You still don't have a rabbit?!

The rabbit vibrator is one of the biggest selling sexual accessories in the world. Read more about it ... >>


21.09.2012 Who is actually the scandalous Lolita?

On the Internet Lolita is shown in a very erotic or even pornographic context as a sexually active teenager. But what does the term Lolita actually mean?>>

men marriage

21.09.2012 European men on marriage

Among other things, you can also read about how many men truly believe they will spend the rest of their life with their wife.>>

women look at

14.09.2012 What's the First Thing Women Look at When They See a Man?

Do you really believe that the first thing a woman notices when she looks at a man are his eyes? Yeah, right!>>

unusual dildos 1

14.09.2012 Unusual Ways to Use a Dildo

Take a look at this collection of mutated or unusual artificial penises and find out how to use a dildo also for non-sexual purposes.>>

beautiful women fake orgasms

7.09.2012 Beautiful Women Fake Orgasms More Often

The latest internet poll showed that predominantly beautiful women fake orgasms.>>

she is cheating on you

7.09.2012 Find Out if She Is Cheating on You!

Do you suspect that she is cheating on you but you do not know how to prove it? We offer advice on how you can make sure about her (un)faithfulness!>>

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