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pick-up lines

9.11.2012 50 greatest pick-up lines to impress women

…that probably won’t help you get her into your bed, but they’ll still make you laugh.>>

fantasy asian women

9.11.2012 Uncovering: Why do men fantasise about Asian women?

Do you want to know the answer? Read it in the article.>>

200 orgasms a day 1

2.11.2012 She has 200 orgasms a day!

Sarah Carmen is easy to arouse – even without sexual intercourse, she has 200 orgasms a day! >>

the courtesans 1

2.11.2012 Who Were the Courtesans?

Some regard the courtesans of the past as masters of underground diplomacy, while others think they were mere prostitutes.>>

skinny women

26.10.2012 Skinny women are 'out'

According to a survey conducted by the magazine FHM, men do not fall for size 36, instead... >>

sexual intercourse benefits

26.10.2012 Men, it pays off to have sex

If you are not too enthusiastic about sport, you can also take care of your heart by sexual intercourse.>>

prevention pregnancy

19.10.2012 Myths about the Prevention of Pregnancy

We have compiled a list of some common misconceptions about the ways of preventing pregnancy. Don't be deceived by the following myths.>>

Adriana Lima 1

19.10.2012 SEXY PHOTOS: Adriana Lima in Seductive Lingerie!

Adriana Lima proved that she is among the top models in these very sexy photos for Victoria's Secret!>>


12.10.2012 Unusual sexual preferences - paraphilia

Read more about unusual forms of sexual behaviour termed paraphilia.>>

female orgasm positive

12.10.2012 Female orgasm – useful always and everywhere

Sex during menstruation is supposed to help alleviate menstrual pain.>>

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shwetachopra 11. Jul 2021 There is a certain level of comfort gained in by all the customers to be in relation to all the beauties here present...
Be Engaged to Escorts in Andheri Girls at Your Own Ease
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I'd be interested to know whether other members here feel horniest on a full bladder or an empty one. Speaking for...
Arousal and bladder fullness
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
How often do you masturbate? what are your fantasies? :)

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