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sexual intercourse during period

25.02.2013 Sexual Intercourse During Period: Is It Really Risky?

Some people abstain from sexual intercourse during period. But are there any justifiable reasons for this?>>

Mid-Life Crisis

18.02.2013 When Men Go Through a Mid-Life Crisis…

When men go through a mid-life crisis, professional help is often required.>>

semen quality

11.02.2013 How to Improve Semen Quality and Health?

The article offers advice on how to improve the quality of semen and keep your semen healthy.>>

cystitis honeymoon

4.02.2013 Honeymoon Cystitis

Honeymoon cystitis is an acute bacterial inflammation of the urinary system form excess and long-lasting sex. >>

pain in lower abdomen

28.01.2013 Dangerous Pain in Lower Abdomen

The pain in lower abdomen usually indicates a condition involving the reproductive system and it is therefore advisable that you take note of symptoms and consequences. >>


21.01.2013 Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the term used to describe the state of a man who has problems with the prostate. The article describes the condition in detail. >>

sperm count

14.01.2013 How to Increase Your Sperm Count and Semen Quality?

It is actually quite simple. Read about our magical recipe which can help even the sperms of smokers get up on their feet. >>

inflammation of the ovaries

7.01.2013 Inflammation of the Ovaries: Symptoms and Treatment

Inflammation of the ovaries can leave long-lasting consequences if it is not treated in time, so make sure you know all the symptoms! >>

health problems relieve with sex

31.12.2012 5 Health Problems You Can Relieve With Sex

Sex performs miracles - It strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol levels, helps us lose weight, relieves arthritis pain and PMS symptoms.>>

natural methods of contraception

24.12.2012 Natural Methods of Contraception

Which are the natural methods of contraception and how reliable are they?>>

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