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to get circumcised

9.07.2012 To Get Circumcised or Not to Get Circumcised?

What are the advantages and the weaknesses of circumcision? Is it better to get circumcised than not to get circumcised? >>

holiday sex

9.07.2012 How dangerous can be steamy holiday sex with a tourist?

We have compiled some disturbing data on the sexual habits of British female tourists.>>

fractured penis

2.07.2012 The Penis Can Be Fractured As Well

Although the penis is a muscle, it can also be fractured. >>

lipomassage butt 1

2.07.2012 Lipomassage as a Way to a Great Butt

The secret of a slimmer butt and thinner thighs lies in lipomassage, which affects fat cells in a unique way.>>

pubic lice crabs

25.06.2012 Learn More About Crabs (Pubic Lice)

Pubic lice or crabs aren’t dangerous, but they are very unpleasant and highly contagious. Would you recognize the signs of this sexually transmitted disease?>>

treatment for severe PMS

25.06.2012 What Is the Best Treatment for Really Severe PMS?

There are presumably 150 premenstrual symptoms. What is the best treatment for severe PMS?>>

lesbian intercourse protection

18.06.2012 Lesbian Intercourse Protection

Lesbian intercourse still requires protection. Read about what kind of protection we are talking about and what sexually transmitted diseases we need protection from.>>

allergic to sperm

18.06.2012 Are You Allergic to Sperm?

If you have noticed reddish spots on your skin and an itching sensation after sexual intercourse, it's possible that you are allergic to sperm.>>

masturbation prostate

11.06.2012 Masturbation Is Healthy for Your Prostate

Did you know that men who masturbate more frequently have fewer chances to get prostate cancer?>>


11.06.2012 Vulvodynia – A Burning Pain in the Vagina

Read about the signs, symptoms and treatment of vulvodynia, which is a very rare disease. >>

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