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blue balls

17.09.2012 Blue Balls and Pink Ovaries

What to make of the so-called phenomenon of “blue balls”?>>

stress sex life

17.09.2012 Stress Can Destroy Your Sex Life!

When we are under stress, sexual intercourse suffers. Why? >>

healthy vagina

10.09.2012 How Can a Woman Make Sure She Has a Healthy Vagina?

Don’t miss this article about how women can avoid problems and diseases on their private parts and keep their vagina healthy!>>

male and female infertility

10.09.2012 Male and female infertility

Read about some of the factors of male and female infertility and make the lives of couples who want to conceive a child a misery...>>

lubricants pregnancy 1

3.09.2012 Lubricants Inhibit Conception

Lubricants often make sexual intercourse easier. But what is the effect of lubricants on conception?>>

the perineum 1

3.09.2012 Is a Surgical Cut to the Perineum during Delivery Fatal for One's Sex Life?

Sex life of women who had the perineum cut during their childbirth usually drastically changes because of pain ...>>

inflammation of the breasts 1

27.08.2012 Inflammation of the Breasts

Some women have to suffer an inflammation of the breasts and nipples. All about it, here.>>

hormonal contraception

27.08.2012 Hormone-Based Contraceptives

Here, we present the last part about the methods for preventing pregnancy. This time, about hormonal contraception ...>>


20.08.2012 Sexsomnia

Sexsomnia or sleep sex is defined as abnormal sexual behavior while sleeping. Individuals can moan, masturbate, touch or engage in sexual intercourse with their partner and they can even be aggressive.>>

oral hygiene during pregnancy

20.08.2012 Oral Hygiene is Very Important during Pregnancy

Oral hygiene during pregnancy is very important, future mothers can protect themselves and their unborn babies if they wash their teeth regularly.>>

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