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sperm antidepressant

13.08.2012 Sperm as an Antidepressant

Women who have intercourse without condoms and let their partner ejaculate into their vagina are less likely to be depressed than other women. Why is that?>>

sex toys dangerous

13.08.2012 Sex Toys May be Dangerous to your Health

Some people say that sex toys are dangerous and that they can cause health problems. But is that really true?>>

syphilis simptoms 1

6.08.2012 Would You Recognize Syphilis?

Read all about syphilis, an extremely dangerous sexually transmitted disease, and protect yourself!>>

early puberty causes

6.08.2012 Early Puberty Causes

More and more girls enter the puberty before their tenth birthday, but the early puberty causes are not completely clear yet. >>

lower testosterone

30.07.2012 Loving Men Have Lower Testosterone

How can family happiness and a solid love relationship bring about lower testosterone level in men?>>

vaginismus 1

30.07.2012 How to Deal with Vaginismus?

Vaginismus: involuntary muscle contractions triggered around the vaginal opening are unpleasant and prevent women from having a normal sex life.>>

sex in water

23.07.2012 Having Sex in Water

Sex in water can be a bit unpleasant, dangerous and harmful if we don't follow some guidelines. >>

safe days

23.07.2012 There’s No Such Thing As 'Safe Days'

Only 30 % of women have fertile days between 10th and 17th day of their menstrual cycle. Can women therefore rely on the method of 'safe days'? >>

contract HIV

16.07.2012 How Can You Contract HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may be difficult to contract, but consider how difficult it is to treat the disease (AIDS)!>>

self-examination of the testicles 1

16.07.2012 How to Perform the Self-Examination of the Testicles?

You still don’t have the habit of checking your testes? The self-examination of the testicles is vital for early detection of testicular cancer.>>

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