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risks vasectomy

22.10.2012 What Are the Risks of Vasectomy?

Usually, men have mixed feelings about vasectomy. Below, you can find out if there are any risks involved with vasectomy.>>

prevent prostate cancer

22.10.2012 5 Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

... Useful information on the ways to prevent prostate cancer or at least how you can reduce the risks of developing the cancer.>>

erectile dysfunction

15.10.2012 Erectile Dysfunction

You cannot satisfy your partner? Is your penis soft? Are you ashamed to seek medical help? >>

bleeding after childbirth 1

15.10.2012 Vaginal Bleeding after Childbirth

The article describes how to understand and accept changes to the body following childbirth.>>

steroids cause impotence

8.10.2012 Steroids Can Cause Impotence

At first, steroids may have a positive impact, but they are harmful to your health, which will show later on.>>

sex and brain

8.10.2012 The Intriguing Connection Between Sex and Brain

Sex is primarily the game played by your brain. Healthy brain therefore ensures high-quality sex life. Read about it in the article...>>

enlargement of the prostate gland

1.10.2012 Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

Men in their 40s undergo changes of the prostate gland that can have a serious effect on their health.>>

breast self examination

1.10.2012 Breast Self Examination

Don't be one of the women who discover the signs of breast cancer when it's already too late!>>

men in menopause

24.09.2012 Andropause: Men in Menopause?

Everyone has probably heard at least something about the menopause women have to go through. But how much do we know about the male menopause - andropause?>>


24.09.2012 Frigidity Is the Most Common Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Frigidity: A woman can’t become aroused enough for sexual intercourse, there’s no real response to penetration and no chance to reach an orgasm.>>

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